Safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene

washSafe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene is the basis for people living a dignified life but in most of South Africa’s townships, rural areas and informal settlements as authorities have failed to provide a plan for poorer families to access this basic service. The hygiene of families is compromised due to the dense populations and most families are forced to use communal toilets and taps.

The outbreak of COVID19 which highlighted the disparities in basic water sanitation & hygiene and how it affected the communities in which we operate in let us look at how we can address this problem as it had a negative impact especially on the girl child.

WASH 4Sport program uses sport as a vehicle to effect hygiene behaviour change, connecting and empowering women and girls in marginalized communities in and changing lives for the better.

The solution to this that through partners such as Coaches Across Continents(USA) & WASH UNITED (GER) we use sport based interactive games especially using football that use the power of play and fun to educate children and change behaviour around difficult issues of sanitation and hygiene.


covid19Kicking Out Covid 19 is part of our WASH 4 SPORT program that aims to sensitise the negative impact that Covid 19 on the most vulnerable in our society and we aim to garner support through individuals, business and donors so as we can come together and make a difference and reduce the impact of the pandemic in poor communities.

to contribute to resources and efforts in communications for prevention of COVID19 through production of visual and audio tools to be used on main stream and social media platforms

contribute to the provision of COVID19 prevention materials

inspire a call to action at individual levels and facilitate general public contributions to most vulnerable children’s COVID19 prevention and mitigation needs

generate surveys and research related to young people including disabled children’s contribution to the COVID19 fight as well as impact of the sports movement’s interventions on the COVID19 fight

generate and share content to assist individuals and families under lockdown endure the long stay-home period  period including physical exercises, positive recreational games, nutritional and other wellness aspects