Learning Through Football

Learning Through Football

learningLearning Through Football is an initiative set up to use the popularity of sport particularly football to provide football based teaching curriculum by holding after school study support programs.The program focuses on improving numeracy, literacy and IT skills amongst children involved in our programs

Fun Learning “Practical Learning using sports for example football is an effective way to get kids interested in their academic work and make it fun in the processing of learning new skills

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Core Interventions

FWB creates, implements and shares effective sport-based educational and health interventions, including

Maths Club : An after school homework club that aims to improve numeracy and literacy rates amongst underserved youths.

Educational Trips: The educational field trips gives an opportunity for participants to travel to other areas but learn from a wide spectrum from museums, game parks, conservation, business industry

Reading Club: A mobile library program that avails books and other reading/ research resources for the youth in the communities we serve.