FWB Sports Safehub

FWB Sports Safehub

FWB Sports Safehub is one of our community development programs which focuses on infrastructure development in the communities that we operate in. A Sports Safe-Hub is a physically and emotionally safe space where young people access services, opportunities and support from strong role models through a football-based programme system focusing on health, safety, education, and employability.

Sports Safe-Hub containerised infrastructures are placed at the centre of hotspots in sub urban/informal. It responds to social problems of high teenage pregnancy , early school dropouts , crime, drug and alcohol abuse aiming to bring greater stability to the settlements through alternative social activity.

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A) Physical place of safety:
The Sports Safe-Hub aims to provide , youth friendly, energetic atmosphere. It consists of an indoor and an outdoor space placed at the centre of urban/sub-urban slum areas and aims to achieve a significant improvement in the lives of slum dwellers. The infrastructure will consist containerised infrastructure from second hand shipping containers 12x3m and artificial turf field (including floodlights) designed to provide space for multiple service providers.
It hosts: - Holistic Programme Model (football-based)
A Youth Café – Networking Space (free internet)

An Academic Support Centre

A Library

A Containerised Gym Unit (health and fitness)

A Technical and Vocational Training and Career Development Centre